Work with the agency that beats benchmarks and crushes competition by 50-400% in no time.

No matter the industry, Marketing Doctor provides extensive media buying expertise to implement results-oriented campaigns.

“In 60 days, Marketing Doctor surpassed the efficiencies of our last agency.”

Brian Venuti
Alpaca Audiology
B2C Client with 200+ locations

Work with the agency that beats benchmarks and crushes competition by 50-400% in no time.

No matter the industry, Marketing Doctor provides extensive media buying expertise to implement results-oriented campaigns.

From Niche…
Geo-fencing a single room.

To Broad…
Delivering ads across the globe.

Get more value everywhere.


We are industry-agnostic, offering paid media services targeting B2B, B2C, and more. Our cross-industry experience means we have a history of surpassing industry-specific agencies in performance media because they are often limited in their paid media expertise. 

In one example: Just two months after launching campaigns in a new industry, the Marketing Doctor team reduced cost per lead by over 50% and more than doubled conversions.

The categories below are just a sample of the industries we work with the most. Not listed below? Reach out here and we are happy to talk through your paid media needs.


E-Commerce & Retail
Integrating data, conducting market research, and accounting for attribution every step of the way, Marketing Doctor executes industry-leading global media campaigns on behalf of major e-commerce and retail brands. Cutting-edge media tactics prioritize Customer Lifetime Value and reduce customer acquisition cost to maximize ROI for companies elevating traffic online and in-store. Our full-funnel media strategies maintain brand awareness while driving actual purchases.
Economic Development & Tourism
Our dynamic media plans use market research to drive traffic to destinations. We analyze audience media consumption habits to reach business decision makers and soon-to-be travelers where they are. With national buying power, our strategic traditional, digital, and emerging media placements facilitate business expansion and visitation no matter the market. Our advanced targeting tactics lead to revenue-generating destination marketing campaigns.
Financial Institutions
Our media strategies accelerate customer acquisition for financial institutions. We understand special regulations and employ best data practices for all campaigns. Our analysts draw on a wealth of experience in regulated environments across the paid media landscape to execute compliant, flexible measurement solutions. The customer journey informs our media planning and buying, whether promoting a single financial service line or improving brand awareness at scale.
Healthcare & Elective Medical
With decades of experience in the biggest healthcare advertising markets, our media planners and buyers have the know-how to boost new patient acquisition. Zero-party, first-party, and third-party data translate into qualified patients at lower cost per action. Applying appropriate attribution models is critical as this decision-making cycle tends to take longer than other types of purchases. Our long-term relationships with clients in this space position us to deliver tangible results.
Higher Education
Our tailored targeting tactics ensure universities receive applications from qualified students cost-efficiently. Our media planners leverage knowledge about audiences’ device preferences and behaviors on their journey to choosing a school. Merging this critical data with messaging about what makes a particular university unique fuels conversions. Our goal is to increase the number of enrollments while decreasing the cost per acquisition.
Private Equity Portfolio Companies
Across Industries, Marketing Doctor has robust experience working with private-equity-backed companies. Industries include: Medical, Consumer Goods, Insurance, Elder Care, and Technology. Our hands-on approach to data strategy helps brands expand into new geographies and grow customer bases while maintaining impressive cost efficiencies. We understand transforming campaign metrics to actionable insights boosts ROI.
State & Federal Government
Whether Federal, State, or Regional, we conduct paid media campaigns for government agencies, including: Public Health, Emergency Preparedness, Employment Programs, Military Recruitment, Vehicle Safety, Tourism and Economic Development, Family and Community Services, and more.




Marketing Doctor uses data strategy, data integration, and attribution to deliver successful paid media campaigns across the nation and the world. Our media planning and buying spans industries, including private equity portfolio companies, healthcare, e-commerce, economic development, tourism, challenger brands, industry leaders, government, and more. Marketing Doctor delivers data-driven, cost-efficient, record-breaking results.

Case Study: Securing 243%+ Increase In Return On Ad Spend, Global E-Commerce Digital Campaign
Case Study: $5m+ State Department Of Health Contact Tracing Campaign

Case Study: $25-$30m Multi-State Surgery Practice Self-Test Campaign

Based on our current commitments and company size, our contract minimum is $200,000 annually (~$17k per month)


if this does not sound like your campaign, we will connect with you in the future