Case Study: Securing 243%+ Increase in Return on Ad Spend, Global E-Commerce Digital Campaign

Background: The overarching goal for one of our international e-commerce clients is to achieve an ambitous return on ad spend (ROAS). Other objectives include boosting sales and increasing market share within U.S. regions.

Approach: The Marketing Doctor team researched the target demographic’s media consumption habits to reach audiences where they are. Drawing from our knowledge of the latest and greatest features across digital and emerging platforms, we created a cutting-edge, competitive media strategy with full-funnel synergy.

243% increase in ROAS

Solution: Marketing Doctor recommended adding Snapchat and Programmatic advertising to the campaign’s media mix. Snapchat aligns with the target audience’s media preferences, skewing younger to reach the demographic effectively and cost-efficiently. Snapchat’s e-commerce capabilities include shoppable augmented reality (AR) ads, presenting an opportunity to immerse and engage audiences in a unique way. Programmatic advertising’s advanced, dynamic targeting and retargeting capabilities optimize the path to conversion and support in-depth media attribution modeling. Programmatic digital advertising offered the client access to interactive html-5 ads, which are great for capturing users’ attention and increasing engagement. Continuous retargeting was instrumental in achieving competitive advantage and higher ROAS.

Results: Our execution achieved significant ROAS, overcoming our client’s reservations to introduce untapped platforms that under-delivered prior to our partnership. Snapchat advertising saw a 243% increase in ROAS in just three months, across all campaigns and audiences. Programmatic Prospecting Audiences drove a higher than expected ROAS early on, and continue to support the Retargeting Audience. Meanwhile, the Retargeting Audience outperformed previous Programmatic advertising efforts by more than 132%–driving a ROAS that competes with the client’s former top-dog platforms, including Facebook.

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