Case Study: Optimized B2C Paid Search Campaign, National Private Equity Portfolio Company

Background: Experiencing growing pains as your company expands? Take a deeper look at how your ad agency can use data strategy to achieve greater cost efficiencies across paid media. Our client sought to continue to add locations nationally, creating a best-in-class network of hearing health brands and community-based clinics. In order to achieve and sustain growth, the primary goals of the B2C paid search campaign included:


  1. Increasing conversions
  2. Decreasing cost per conversion for B2C campaigns
Double the Leads in 60 Days

Because our client is private-equity-funded, there are rigorous expectations when it comes to cost per conversion (CPC). As such, scaling and enhancing digital infrastructure to significantly decrease CPC was top priority when our team took over from a previous vendor.

Approach: The Marketing Doctor team conducted an in-depth analysis of previous B2C paid search campaign tactics to identify opportunities for optimization. After reviewing, our team developed a media strategy to increase conversions while maintaining – and ultimately enhancing – cost-effectiveness across our client’s regional locations and target markets.

Solution: Research informed a multi-point digital approach to drive patient acquisition. By focusing on optimization technologies, refining digital infrastructure, and incorporating various attribution models and integrations, we identified the most successful digital strategies to meet this client’s goals. First-class measurement data connects the dots from ad placement to conversion events with efficiency, accuracy, and data privacy compliance. In other words, we attribute every marketing dollar to each cost per action, and adjust budget allocation accordingly.

Results: A shared growth mindset means our partnership, and results, thrive. In just a few months, the Marketing Doctor team reduced cost per lead over 50% and more than doubled conversions. Both partners prioritize industry-leading technology, data-driven strategies, and the desire to maximize return on ad spend. Successful expansion is possible with powerful media buying solutions.

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