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Mutually Beneficial – Why Internships Matter

Mutually Beneficial – Why Internships Matter

When you hear the word “intern” what comes to mind? Mornings spent running for coffee, afternoons sorting files, and summers slipping by into drudgery? In this day and age, that’s not the case – at least at Marketing Doctor, Inc! We see internships as important...

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Case Study: $5M+ State Department of Health Contact Tracing Campaign

Background: Marketing Doctor was contracted to help a State Department of Health spread the word about the importance of contact tracing and to overcome perceived privacy issues, mistrust of government by various demographic groups, and stigma associated with having COVID-19. Approach: Work with their team to identify residents who have recovered from COVID-19; Interview them […]

Marketing Doctor is the Leading Women-Owned Media Buying Agency on Clutch

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away? Well, that won’t work on us because we are unstoppable. Confused? Marketing Doctor is a media planning and buying agency filled with individually brilliant minds that are collectively unstoppable. Our company has been breaking the mold in every possible way here in the Massachusetts marketing scene since […]

Case Study: $5M+ Emergency Management Agency Hurricane Preparedness Campaign

Background: With Hurricane Season overlapping with COVID-19, we knew residents may have to make difficult decisions regarding which risk was more dangerous to them: COVID-19 or an impending hurricane. Our task for this campaign was to ensure they knew their hurricane risk levels, their emergency kit needs relevant to the pandemic (facemasks, sanitizer, etc.), and […]

Case Study: $2.4B Regional Health System COVID-19 Niche Targeting Campaign

Background: In response to COVID-19, a regional health system quickly pivoted their advertising efforts to prevent any additional, non-essential foot traffic to their facilities. Marketing Doctor halted all service line campaigns within minutes! With quick turnaround, Marketing Doctor launched several campaigns to effectively communicate safety information and updated protocol amid the start and peak of […]

Case Study: $25-$30M Multi-State Surgery Practice Self Test Campaign

Background: While planning to open new practice locations in the tri-state area, the surgery practice intended to boost brand recognition and confirm patient leads were medically qualified for their surgical and non-surgical bariatric procedures.   Approach: Research shows many potential patients have comorbidities, such as high blood pressure, joint pain, diabetes, sleep apnea, and depression. In […]

Case Study: $5.5B University Hospital System – Reaching Expectant Parents and Women

Background: Marketing Doctor was contracted by a premier, nationally-ranked healthcare system to increase brand awareness, increase attendance at events, and encourage people to take advantage of their services. Two years later, we have had the pleasure of executing several campaigns with sensitive messaging spanning from a campaign to increase admittance to their maternity ward to […]

The Marketing Doctor 2019 Rewind – Inc. 5000, Best in Biz, and more!

2019 has been quite the year for all of us here at Marketing Doctor! It’s hard to believe that in just one year, we’ve added new faces, moved in to a new location to call home, and even won prestigious awards.  Marketing Doctor continued to exceed expectations while still having fun in the workplace by […]