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Healthcare Advertising: 4 Ways to Keep Campaigns Healthy

Healthcare advertising needs to be adaptive, dynamic, and compliant to remain impactful.

What is a Media Mix Model and How Do Advertisers Benefit?

With a focus on data-driven paid media strategies, chances are you’ve heard the term “media mix model.” But do you know what it means?

Pay Attention to Paid Media Attention Metrics

If you prioritize advertising ROI, it's vital to have a consistent method of measuring ad performance. One secret weapon? Advertising attention metrics.

Surviving the TV Advertising Rollercoaster Series: Navigating the Political Season

The US political season impacts all paid media campaigns nationally, whether you're providing political messaging or not.

LegitScript Ad Certification: How Your Media Agency Can Help

As a full-service paid media agency, it is our job to support clients in the LegitScript ad certification process: the only certification recognized for addiction treatment advertising.

Client-Agency Relationship Series: 4 Signs Your Paid Media Agency Prioritizes Partnership

This is about more than media strategy, media buying, or media attribution. A true agency-client relationship should be as harmonious as it is tactical.

From Clicks to Campus: 3 Tips for Higher Education Marketing

As the higher education landscape evolves, so do the challenges and opportunities for marketing leaders seeking media plan support for each upcoming school year.


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