Celebrating National Women’s Small Business Month

The Power of Diverse Thinking and Community

A Quick History Lesson

Did you know that only 34 years ago, women needed the signature of a male relative to apply for a business loan? This restrictive protocol finally changed in October of 1988, when Ronald Reagan signed H.R. 5050 – AKA the Women’s Business Ownership Act. This legislation made entrepreneurship more accessible for women, eliminating the requirement of a co-signer as well as:

Thankfully, a lot has changed since 1988, but one thing remains the same: women continue to work hard and redefine the business world.

Janet Casey of Marketing Doctor and Betsy Frey of Holyoke Sporting Goods
Janet Casey and Betsy Frey celebrate Holyoke Sporting Goods: the winner of Marketing Doctor’s $30k Advertising Campaign Contest

Remembering Our Roots

Teamwork is the driving force behind all that we accomplish at Marketing Doctor. Success depends on the hard work and dedication of every single member of our team. That being said, a team can only thrive with guidance from a fearless leader. During National Women’s Small Business Month, we recognize Marketing Doctor’s roots and our President and Founder, Janet Casey.

Janet, a woman who, in her twenties, bravely started “her own thing” because the old boys’ club was an unfriendly and unwelcoming place for mothers to build a career. So, she “started her own thing,” building the work environment she knew was possible. Janet understands that an agency can be as ambitious as it is inclusive. Collaboration and flexibility lead to limitless growth. She founded Marketing Doctor in 2003, and under her leadership, the media planning and buying agency continues to surpass its own goals, achieving record-breaking results for its clients and national recognition.

Janet’s most treasured award is Marketing Doctor’s #13 ranking on the AdAge Best Places to Work list and this says a lot about her, both professionally and personally. Everyday, Janet fosters an enthusiastic, progressive, and fun work environment. She prioritizes family, and is adamant that her employees are able to do the same.

At Marketing Doctor, everyone has a seat at the table. Everyone’s voice is heard and valued. Our team succeeds because we genuinely care about what we do and the people we meet along the way. We are proud to represent the dream that Janet visualized and brought to life 18 years ago

“Women-Led” Means a Responsibility to Pay it Forward

Marketing Doctor is a certified woman-owned small business that is also women-led. We reach our ambitious goals because we believe in the power of diverse thinking—our team is 100% women and minorities–and the power of community. 

Most recently, our team began working with Betsy Frey, Owner of Holyoke Sporting Goods. This local woman-owned business is the winner of Marketing Doctor’s $30,000 Advertising Campaign Contest, which was open to diverse businesses (women-owned, minority-owned, LGBT-owned, etc.)  in the local community. We were fortunate to grow during the pandemic, and do not take that growth for granted. This National Women’s Small Business Month, we are grateful to pay it forward to another woman-owned small business, continue our community initiatives supporting others, and remember the female entrepreneurs who helped (and continue to help) pave the way.

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