Janet Casey is One of Adweek’s Women Trailblazers

Congratulations are in order for Marketing Doctor’s President and Founder, Janet Casey!

Our fearless leader is one of 35 women in the USA featured in Adweek’s annual Women Trailblazers issue!

Janet thrives alongside a truly impressive group of female powerhouses, including:

  • Vice President Kamala Harris,
  • Tracee Ellis Ross,
  • Rashida Jones,
  • and many more remarkable executives and creatives from marketing, media, and tech industries.

These women navigated a challenging year with strength and grace. When faced with setbacks, they rose to the occasion becoming role models and agents of change. 

The Marketing Doctor team is proud to join Janet in taking the media planning and buying industry by storm!

The Trailblazer explains her journey and inspirations below.


1. How did you get where you are today?

Our key differentiator is our ability to leverage our insider experience. Members of our leadership team were media sellers for over a decade. We know how to provide higher-value media buys at cost-efficient rates. 

We are adamant about hiring lifelong learners who thrive in fast-paced work environments. The core of Marketing Doctor is a positive, office-based culture of collaboration. We have the best energy on our team and we laugh together every single day. There are no egos here, only pride over jobs well done. Every employee, from entry level to President, attends industry-leading conferences in their service line and in Marketing Thought Leadership.

As experts in Traditional, Digital, and Emerging Media, it is up to us to stay ahead of industry changes as they come. We never set it and forget it. We’re constantly optimizing and engaging in continuing education to increase effectiveness. 

Our agency is part of both Google and Facebook’s Elite Partner Manager programs. Only 2% of all U.S. agencies hold these distinctions. We are Tier 1 within that 2%, which is as elite as it gets. We have earned this honor by pursuing advanced skills and following best practices. We are often referred to as a “Madison Avenue agency located in Western Mass”. On par with big city agencies, yet offering a lower cost for our clients..


2. You founded the company on the principle of a flexible work environment for moms. How has COVID-19 affected that principle and how did you have to pivot during this time?

Marketing Doctor was born as a one-person consultancy because I wanted the leeway to be a great and attentive Mother. As the company grew, it was imperative to me that I extend that to all parents. The “Old Boys’ Club” workplace where I started my career was unfriendly and inflexible especially to Primary Caregivers. This was especially true for parents and Mothers. I was adamant that Marketing Doctor would be the opposite. I keep an inspirational quote in the office. It says, “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.” This quote guides us in prioritizing work-life balance and flexibility every day.

Our team is 75% women, and many of them are mothers, including myself. COVID-19 affected us all dramatically, so we did whatever it took to support families. We created an internal “Mom Squad” to support our parent employees. We accommodated each parent’s remote/in-office schedule and held mental health meetings to check -in on one another. When needed, we provided space for our employees’ children and their remote schooling. COVID-19 has been new terrain for us all. We must let employees prioritize family and be flexible to caretaking needs. 

We’re grateful that our team is 100% fully vaccinated and appreciate the “osmosis” and collaboration that comes from being in-person. We navigated the pandemic as a hybrid team, returning to the office as public health protocol and personal comfort levels allowed.


3. What’s one way you’ve invested in yourself that’s had the most impact over the course of your career? 

I am inspired through progressive management learning opportunities, which I participate in frequently. I deeply value learning with my peers through professional organizations. I am a member of the Women Presidents’ Organization, Chief, and a past President of the Professional Women’s Chamber.

My learnings on progressive leadership and inclusion are ongoing and at the core of my company’s operations. From intern to President, each member of our team has their hands on every one of our accounts. Every employee is motivated and supported to do their best possible work. We all feel accomplished at the end of the day.  

Advertising changes quickly and since the onset of digital platforms it’s felt like the wild west. Small businesses navigate pivots all day every day. It’s critical to stay ahead of the curve, constantly learning how to be better and do better. As a leader, I strive to promote ambition and lifelong curiosity among my team. It’s how we never settle and continue our fast growth and industry-leading results.


4. Can you share some of your recent accomplishments from the past year?

Marketing Doctor has deep experience in healthcare and public health. At the start of the pandemic, we leaned further into our public health expertise and were grateful to achieve many account wins in 2020. Last May we won a major COVID-19 contact tracing campaign with a seven-figure budget. The success of this campaign led to more COVID-19 efforts. We promoted app downloads, vaccines, public safety, and free mental health resources for frontline workers. 

While COVID-19 impacted us all in different ways, our team felt grateful to be part of the solution. We used our media planning and media buying skills to reach as many people as possible with low costs and great impact.  It was not lost on us that our performance in these campaigns would save lives.  The pandemic has brought some of the most fulfilling work we have done. AND our success during the pandemic has us pacing to double our revenue.

Other accomplishments include 


5. Who’s a trailblazer who has inspired you in your life, career or just in general?

My parents have always been my role models. They are both of modest means, and were able to make a living by out-working everyone around them in their fields. 

My mother worked very hard to afford college and become a registered nurse for the Air Force. She was an industry leader, and in 1985, she was awarded Nurse of the Year for the State of Massachusetts.

My Father was outstanding and acclaimed in his career as well. As a kid, it was typical to pick items from a prize catalog – including little televisions and other gadgets – after my dad won his many sales awards. 

Neither parent gave advice or preached. They led by example which is something that I take forward with me everyday.


6. Who are the trailblazers of tomorrow we should be keeping an eye on?

The trailblazers of tomorrow are the individuals with aggressive ambition. They strive to make change within their industry and to make the world a better, healthier, more equitable place.  When you passionately engage with the work you do, you connect with your clients and audiences in a meaningful way. We’ve been lucky to have amazing staff members and interns who have exceeded our expectations. They are on track to be absolute trailblazers of tomorrow within the industry.


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