Marketing Doctor is the Leading Women-Owned Media Buying Agency on Clutch

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away? Well, that won’t work on us because we are unstoppable. Confused? Marketing Doctor is a media planning and buying agency filled with individually brilliant minds that are collectively unstoppable. Our company has been breaking the mold in every possible way here in the Massachusetts marketing scene since 2003, and we’re not planning to stop anytime soon. In the words of our President and Founder Janet Casey, “We are savage, not average. Our team of passionate powerhouses delivers record-breaking results every single day.”

Headquartered in Washington, DC., Clutch is also an unstoppable force in the B2B space. The agency is widely respected for its data-driven content, vast directories of client reviews, and its dedication to helping clients connect with the best service providers. Over the years, Clutch has become the go-to resource site for businesses in the IT, marketing, and financial services industries.

Clutch Certified Women Owned Business

Showcasing Women-Owned Companies

Clutch has a Certification program that aims to allow B2B service providers like our company to self identify. This system is created to help showcase veteran-owned, racial minority-owned, and LGBTQ-owned companies. That said, Marketing Doctor has been recently acknowledged as one of the top women-owned companies on Clutch.

“Throughout various industries, women-owned companies provide a unique and important perspective that’s often overlooked.” stated Clutch Revenue Operations Analyst Carolyn Rider. “We want to highlight these companies for everything that they bring to the table, from their thoughtfulness to their detail-oriented mindsets.”

We are proud to be a Certified women-owned company on Clutch. Words can’t actually describe how thrilled we are right now. 

The Manifest

In addition to Clutch’s recognition, our company was recently highlighted on The Manifest as one of their “top 100 media buyer agencies.” To give you more context, The Manifest is Clutch’s sister site, and it’s also respected in the B2B space for its how-to-guides, comprehensive industry insights, and agency shortlists.

According to The Manifest, we are one of the top 100 media buyer agencies in the world. Of course, we are also genuinely grateful for this acknowledgment.

We thank Clutch and The Manifest for being constant reliable partners for our growth. Most importantly, we want to thank our clients for being a part of these milestones. We know that we wouldn’t be here without the amazing engagements and relationships we’ve established. Our team is grateful, and we assure you that we will continue serving the best marketing solutions.


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