The Marketing Doctor 2019 Rewind – Inc. 5000, Best in Biz, and more!

2019 has been quite the year for all of us here at Marketing Doctor! It’s hard to believe that in just one year, we’ve added new faces, moved in to a new location to call home, and even won prestigious awards.

Marketing Doctor continued to exceed expectations while still having fun in the workplace by achieving:

So, let’s rewind and take a look at some of our favorite moments from 2019 ahead of a sure-to-be-stellar 2020!

Continuing & Higher Education

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Two of the most important team values here at Marketing Doctor are being smart and ambitious, which drive our frequent efforts in continuing education! We attend some of the largest and most prolific conferences all across the nation to stay at the forefront of best practices and provide the best ROI for our clients.

Content Supervisor Molly raved about her first time travelling to Content Marketing World back in September. “I had never been sent to a conference before, and it was amazing,” she said. “I learned tons of new things—but I also got to see how many things we were doing right!”

We’ve also been “continuing the education” for local university students, so to speak. Marketing Doctor was invited to UMass Amherst (our founder Janet Casey’s alma mater!) on several occasions to guest lecture, teaching students about the marketing agency life. 

From journalism to Isenburg marketing courses, we enjoyed every chance to offer insights to classes—and to expand our paid internship program!

Holiday Spirit Highlights

To get people in the “spooky spirit”, everyone at Marketing Doctor participated in the 2nd Annual Halloweek—five straight days of candy, costumes, and group photos that inspired some pretty wacky costumes!

After that, it was time to get hollier and jollier than ever for Secret Santa! Every year, the Marketing Doctor team takes this event seriously, distributing little clues to our identities before the big reveal at the annual Holiday Party.

In 2019, we saw decoders spread across the office, word searches, and a hilarious dubbed-over Santa video; we even surprised ourselves with the creativity!

We made sure to spread that cheer as much as we could by supporting local social workers and families in need and providing over $1,000 of gifts for two different families. The “Think Tank” became Santa’s Workshop during our marathon wrapping sessions!

Marketing Doctor’s Favorite Moments

As the year wrapped up, we asked all your favorite MD team members about their favorite moments over the last year.

Celebrating the Inc. 5000 Award

The Inc 5000 award! Opening the envelope and finding out we made the list and having the party with everyone’s families was amazing! The employees were so proud. It made my little heart pitter-patter! 

Melinda made a beautiful video—she and Kat filmed private interviews with every staff member sharing their candid thoughts on their coworkers, management and their favorite experiences, trips and pinnacle moments at Marketing Doctor and no one knew what anyone else said. Melinda edited this into a one hour movie, it was this loving celebration of each employee, the company, and our spirit. It brought people to tears!”
—Janet Casey, Founder and CEO

“The Inc 5000 party was so much fun! It was great to meet everyone’s families and loved ones because we’re such a close group so being able to meet them was awesome!”
—Colleen Longley, Digital Strategist 

“One of my favorite moments was winning the Inc 5000 award. When I started here, we were such a small agency, so to see it grow into what it is today is such an achievement, and makes me so proud!”
—Ashley King, Digital Strategist 

“I really enjoyed the Inc 5000 party—the ribbon cutting felt so official and fancy! I loved being able to meet all of my co-workers’ families and prepping for the party took a lot of work, so to see it all come together was very fulfilling. It was so great to share this accomplishment with everyone!”
—Kat Woods, Visual Designer 

Marketing Doctor celebrates grand opening and Inc. 5000 win
Marketing Doctor celebrates grand opening and Inc. 5000 win
Marketing Doctor celebrates grand opening and Inc. 5000 win

Building a New Office from the Ground Up

Marketing Doctor builds a brand new office

Moving into the new office was great! We got to see the whole office get built, we had the hard hats, we got to choose everything and make it our own… The new office felt like a payoff for all the hard work we did.”
—Melinda Reddington, Visual Designer 

“I enjoyed watching the entire process of the new building coming together! Since we were originally right down the street, we were able to see the process from the empty lot to the final touches. The anticipation for the new office always had me excited!”
—Estee Limoges, Digital Strategist

“Moving to the new office, I really felt a sense of growth—like, ‘wow, we’re really turning a new page with the company!’ Celebrating the move with the Inc. 5000 party was a great way to really kick it all off.”
—Kiki Castiglione, Communications Specialist  

New Friendly Faces in the Office

“Well, Carol’s favorite day was May 20th, because that was MY first day, and her life has only improved since then. Hah!”
—Jocelyn Howard, Media Buying and Marketing Assistant 

“The day we moved here, to the new office, and we had all this new room to stretch our legs… And Jocelyn was just on the horizon. (laughing) Wait, no, don’t write that!”
—Carol Lucardi, Director of Digital and Traditional Media Buying

“My favorite thing was the welcome notes from each employee on my first day! That made such an impression on me. In all my years I’ve never been welcomed in such a way.”
—Beth Coushaine-Goddeau, Business Manager 

Ain’t No Party Like a Marketing Doctor Party

“Celebrating Halloweek was my favorite moment! It really embodied the culture we have in the office and all the positive energy that’s here!”
—Kevin Lara, Digital Support Associate 

“Our annual pool party was maybe my favorite of the year—we had a mini-baby shower for Estee, held the first ever MD ‘Guac Off,’ and did some fun team building… Really hilarious memories from sitting in the pool with everyone watching Richie and the Casey kids splash around!”
—Molly Harrison, Content Supervisor

“Oh my god. Dressing up as Janet for Halloweek was a thrill. My favorite part… I don’t know. I was really nervous but it went over really well! People kept mistaking me for Janet all day because they weren’t looking up!”
—Colleen Longley, Digital Strategist 

“Ooh, also, the Holiday Party—it was wicked fun and I got to show off my skills in the Fantasy Secret Santa league. It was nice seeing how much everyone really enjoys being together!”
—Jocelyn Howard, Media Buying and Marketing Assistant 

great company culture at an office party

Marketing Doctor from Coast to Coast

”When we went to the Facebook Office in New York! Knowing it’s an exclusive opportunity makes you feel lucky to be there.”
—Richie Moczo, Digital Strategist 

As a recent alum from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, it felt amazing to be able to present in front of some of my previous professors with the Marketing Doctor team! It was the first time that things felt like they came full circle.”
—Brandon Huddleston, Sales and Marketing Support Associate

Some of my favorite moments this year were visiting clients! Members of the team and I visited clients in places like Washington, Virginia and Nevada, which called for a lot of sightseeing. I especially loved seeing Lake Tahoe with Ashley and visiting this little ‘Wild West’ town… Plus, welcoming new team members back home!”
—Kate Popp, Director of Sales

Marketing Doctor running a television production shoot

“My favorite was for SURE going to New York City for a big commercial shoot! We had a wonderful dinner in NYC where I got to bond with my co-workers and meet some of our business associates. I got to meet people and clients who I’ve heard about, so it was so cool to put a face to the name. I was so grateful to be invited and I learned so much—it was a wonderful adventure and I had so much fun!”
—Michelle Piscopo, Client Services Support 

“The New York City shoot was amazing—I worked a lot on the planning, so it was pretty great to see it all come together. The enthusiasm of the patients there was really incredible!”
—Kiki Castiglione, Communications Specialist 

Here’s to 2020!

We had an amazing 2019, from sweet visits with official office dog Elle to successful client meetings to the group lunch chat that starts pinging at 9:15 AM.

Here’s to another incredible year—2020 is shaping up to be our best yet! 

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