Mutually Beneficial – Why Internships Matter

When you hear the word “intern” what comes to mind? Mornings spent running for coffee, afternoons sorting files, and summers slipping by into drudgery? In this day and age, that’s not the case – at least at Marketing Doctor, Inc! We see internships as important opportunities for businesses and up-and-coming professionals to help each other succeed, short-term and long-term.

Interns are Part of the Team

Regardless of what stereotypes may say, interns aren’t free labor for the tasks full-time employees don’t want to do.  Interns are integral parts of a professional team who learn to work alongside others by helping to complete day to day tasks. These young workers benefit from unique perspectives outside of the company:

  • Many of them approach difficult tasks from new angles
  • They are often savvy with new technologies and social media
  • Their eagerness and desire to learn inspires others

As interns learn and take on new responsibility, they become a member of our team. They work as hard as everyone else and deserve as much credit for our success. In fact, we’ve seen several of our interns here at Marketing Doctor take on full-time positions and grow into team leaders and experts in their fields.

A Learning Experience Like No Other

There is only so much that can be learned through studying. In the end, practice makes perfect, and the best teacher is hands-on experience – so we make sure our Marketing Doctor interns receive a lot of it!

As a full-service marketing agency, we do a little of everything:

  • Digital/Social Marketing
  • Traditional Advertising
  • Media Buying
  • Creative Design
  • Content Writing
  • And More

As members of our team, interns focus on one service line, learning all the unique ins and outs so that they have a full understanding of the field and knowledge they can use going forward by the end of their time with us.

That said, the wonderfully collaborative nature of our office ensures that everyone who comes through our doors learns about each of our service lines. Our media buyers may not be creating ads for Facebook, but they still understand the process, recognize its importance, and see how it integrates with the other services surrounding it.

What Makes a Marketing Doctor Internship Special?

From their very first day, our interns are treated as fully-fledged team members working on client accounts. They take on real responsibilities, have deadlines, and complete deliverables as soon as they join the team. They get to learn by doing, mistakes included! After all, there’s no better way to learn!

Our team includes leading minds in the many fields of advertising, with tens of years of experience under our belts. We know what worked in the past, closely follow the latest trends, and even pave the way for the next biggest thing. We know how to succeed and support one another – and we love sharing that with our interns!

We Love Our Internship Program

Marketing Doctor is a full-service, leading marketing and advertising agency with a history of achieving the best results for our clients. We’re proud to maintain our internship program as a part of our daily efforts which allows us both to allow young professionals to work in a successful agency and provide our expert services at an even higher level. Our program lets us strengthen our network and form relationships with local colleges and universities all while getting to know students who are sure to make their mark wherever they go!

For more information on our internship program, contact us today!

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