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The need for cutting-edge digital marketing is crystal clear. In the past several years, social media and digital marketing have become an absolute behemoth in the marketing industry, boasting unparalleled reach and targeting possibilities. The key is knowing how to successfully employ these techniques to drive huge traffic numbers to your business.

All of our social media, digital leaderboard, and Google AdWords campaigns come equipped with the most advanced analytical dashboard, enabling us to produce visually stunning, easy to understand,  quantitative client ROI reports.

We’re World-Class Optimizers

The Google AdWords program favors those advertisers who have trained with Google- like Marketing Doctor!

Google does not use a straightforward “More Money, Better Placement” formula, takes into account a variety of factors, including:

  • Quality of the advertisement
  • Relevancy of the advertisement to the pre-determined demographic target
  • Expected impact on that target audience
  • Click-through rates
  • All of these factors combine to create the “Ad Rank”

This advanced system allows for trained, skilled marketers to create advertisements for their clients that really shine, taking the top spot regardless of the budget behind the ad.

Google only loves you

when everyone else loves you first.

The Top 7 Reasons to Digitally Market with Marketing Doctor!

  1. Businesses make an average of $2 for every $1 spent on Google AdWords
  2. Google holds 75% of all paid search revenue and 25% of all online advertising
  3. Marketing Doctor is a certified Google Partner; and our staff is fully certified in Google AdWords.
  4. Google brought in billions of dollars from AdWords last year. $3.3 billion to be exact, with projected growth of 15% over the coming year.
  5. Marketing Doctor offers comprehensive and seamless content marketing, social media and SEO strategy integration as part of our digital marketing.
  6. Our in-house graphic design team has successfully crafted numerous mobile-friendly websites and advertisements aimed at reaching and engaging specific targeted demographics for our clients.
  7. Marketing Doctors’ mobile-friendly formatted social media posting has helped to increase the amount of traffic to one of our clients’ websites by over 64 percent, the rate the practice had the previous year, we can bring you the same results!
  • "Marketing Doctor brought new and innovative ideas to the table for our annual charitable campaign. Their efforts to execute an advertising schedule through multiple channels brought something new and different to the table."

    Stacy Dibbern, Diocese of Springfield

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