Case Study: $5M+ Emergency Management Agency Hurricane Preparedness Campaign

Background: With Hurricane Season overlapping with COVID-19, we knew residents may have to make difficult decisions regarding which risk was more dangerous to them: COVID-19 or an impending hurricane. Our task for this campaign was to ensure they knew their hurricane risk levels, their emergency kit needs relevant to the pandemic (facemasks, sanitizer, etc.), and their potentially new evacuation destinations as previous locations may no longer be open or safe. In that decision moment, they needed to be more afraid of the hurricane, and take action accordingly, as safely as possible.

Approach: Marketing Doctor’s strategy was to:

  • Identify audiences of greatest risk during hurricane season
  • Use location targeting and digital platforms to reach communities and encourage residents to prepare
  • Increase traffic to the Agency’s website and specific landing page
  • Develop Spanish-language ads to reach key demographics and increase specificity

Solution: We negotiated record-breaking bonus weight for the Agency, securing 100% in bonus placements by gross rating points and exceeding it with 131% bonus weight during campaign flight. For every $1 spent, we are getting $2.30 worth of value at no extra cost. 

Given the timeline and urgency of the campaign, this negotiation success was a MEDIA BUYING HAT-TRICK! We competed against:

  • A record-setting Presidential Election window with extremely competitive, expensive, and limited media buying options.
  • The urgent need to launch Contact Tracing as an emergency initiative helping residents statewide.
  • Media Representatives who were not accustomed to the Agency’s vendors seeking such high bonus weight on their behalf and were comfortable offering much lower value added over the years.

Results: To help foster a personal connection with Spanish speaking audiences, we utilized messaging and videos featuring local influencer Pedro Palomino. The influencer campaign resulted in a 4.10% average click-through-rate that was 128% higher than industry benchmark.


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