Case Study: $5.5B University Hospital System – Reaching Expectant Parents and Women

Background: Marketing Doctor was contracted by a premier, nationally-ranked healthcare system to increase brand awareness, increase attendance at events, and encourage people to take advantage of their services. Two years later, we have had the pleasure of executing several campaigns with sensitive messaging spanning from a campaign to increase admittance to their maternity ward to a campaign promoting memberships for their helicopter rescue services available in rural Alaska.

Approach: In highlighting a specific program for Expectant Parents, we defined three core audiences for our messaging: 

  • Looking to start a family
  • Expectant parents
  • Women in the surrounding area 

After identifying the audiences, we conducted research and determined the best methods to reach them. For an audience “looking to start a family,” we narrowed our targeting to women ages 20-35, as well as newly wedded couples who had been married for 6 months to a year.

Solution: For expectant parents, our goal was to increase awareness of the options that the client’s OB and Birth programs offer, and to increase birth rates in the hospital in light of declining national birth rates and a strong competitive set. Our primary audience included potential patients, women ages 20-44. The ads featured message variations that would address all levels of familiarity with the brand.

For our broadest audience group, Marketing Doctor promoted the Women and Children service line for medical care. We defined this audience as all women within the area who would be potential patients for their everyday testing and screening care. To reach these audiences we utilized an omnichannel approach, (including a TV ad during the Rose Bowl, Facebook, Instagram, Google (Display, Search and YouTube), Spotify, and Pinterest.

Results: At the start of the contract, the Maternity Ward had no patients. Within 2 months of our campaign, one promoted doctor’s schedule was completely booked. Compared to the previous year with another agency, we achieved:


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