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Marketing Doctor works to create the most successful marketing campaigns in the Information Technology fields.

We understand Information Technology. Marketing Doctor works with your team to create marketing campaigns designed for YOUR industry. We understand that to create extraordinary advertisements you need to understand both the audience and the product. That’s why we’ve made it a company-wide policy to continuously expand our understanding of not just the marketing industry, but also our client’s industries.

Marketing Doctor stays at the forefront of all ongoing education in our industry to establish and maintain our position – ahead of the competition and ahead of the trends – in progressive markets to craft beautiful results-based campaigns.

Information Technology Marketing That’s Never 404

The success of an advertising campaign hinges on progressive marketing, matching the brand to the product, and the product to the industry.  Marketing Doctor prioritizes continual engagement in ongoing industry education, enabling us to continue effectively marketing for all of our clients. This dedication to continuing education keeps our agency up-to-date and allows us to craft nuanced advertising that produces state-of-the-art results for our progressive, state-of-the-art clients.

The team at Marketing Doctor has established a standard practice based on an extensive history of client work for providing proven ROI. Here is what the standard process looks like:

  1. Clearly define bottom line goal
  2. Research baseline behavior. This may involve conducting research to use as a baseline, which will be used again down the road to see if we can measure improvement.
  3. Choose measurements that best track bottom line progress (Impressions)
    Set up tracking and analytic software and tools (Google Analytics, Social Monitoring, Analytical Dashboards)
  4. Monitor tools and create campaigns
  5. Measure campaign success and adapt as necessary (Survey)

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