Where in the World is Team Marketing Doctor: Taking and Giving Notes from the Marketing Industry’s Best and Brightest

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It seems Team Marketing Doctor just can’t get enough of sunny Southern California. Our expert Facebook strategy team departed for beautiful San Diego in early March to learn from the industry’s best and brightest at the sixth annual Social Media Marketing World – SMMW18. After soaking up the jam-packed conference, we left inspired, determined, and just a bit jet-lagged.
So, what happens when you bring 5,000 social media experts together in one place? Magic, that’s what!

Social media advertising is constantly evolving, and any digital advertising agency worth their salt works to stay on top of changing trends. This is why attending conferences like Social Media Marketing World, or SMMW, – the world’s largest social media marketing conference with the industry’s top social media professionals – is so important, it’s all about remaining relevant in the eyes of digital platforms.

As SMMW alums, we’ve made it our mission to trot the globe to wherever the most innovative and influential experts in the industry are speaking. Why? Because we are committed to continuing education in all our service lines – something that sets us apart from the competition!

Whether you’re an industry newbie or a marketing veteran, keeping the social in social media should always be a top priority.

That’s why it wasn’t any surprise to lead Digital Strategist, Devon – who celebrated her birthday at this year’s conference – that the SMMW conference was 40% bigger this year than the last.

So, what’s new for marketers in 2018? Two words: Facebook Live. It seemed practically everyone was ‘going live’ to show their Facebook followers an insider view of SMMW – including us! Check out some of our live streams below! This emerging trend may not seem earth-shattering, but seeing live streamers everywhere we turned at the conference showed us just how much social media had evolved in only a year.


We are live at Social Media Marketing World in Sunny San Diego!

Posted by Marketing Doctor Inc. on Thursday, March 1, 2018

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What’s happening in the world of paid social media advertising??? Marketing Doctor tweaking our BEST IN INDUSTRY practices! If you want to stay #1, you need to change with the algorithm. #SMMW18 #MarketingDoctorINC

Posted by Marketing Doctor Inc. on Friday, March 2, 2018

With 120+ incredible workshops available, we had endless opportunities to learn, but lucky for us, the opening presentation about current social media trends was worth the price of admission alone! We spent the following three days listening, learning, networking, and engaging – and, honestly, our only complaint was the lack of snacks!

Our favorite session was Mari Smith’s workshop on the future of Facebook which took us deep into the future of chatbots and messenger. The key takeaway? Facebook Messenger is the new newsfeed! Ever since Facebook rolled out its new algorithm, we have seen a shift away from the cluttered Facebook newsfeed and towards Messenger. This means the way we will connect with our friends, our target audiences, and interact with content will be moving to Messenger too.

Thankfully, Marketing Doctor is ahead of the curve, and we’ve already rolled out Messenger as a new ad platform. Devon explained, “our business and most of our clients already use Messenger which means the next step is developing our own custom chatbots and conducting more research.”

When the team left Sunday, our brains were buzzing with the best strategies for different social networks, the latest social media trends, and how to maximize the return on our marketing campaigns.

Our fearless leader’s main takeaway? Janet says the highlight was feeling like we are totally up to date with the best people in the world. Leaving this conference knowing that our agency is so far ahead in terms of our capabilities was a real pat on the back.

We work harder than any of our competition – including Fortune 500 companies who are not properly administering social media advertising of Facebook – to make sure we’re not only keeping up with the trends, but helping to set them!

We’re already looking forward to bringing our entire digital team with us to next year’s conference and can’t wait to learn fresh, exclusive tips from leading professionals in the marketing world. In the meantime, our MD crew is gathering weekly to watch sessions from the conference. Continuing education really is one of our top priorities and that means sharing everything we learned with all of Team Marketing Doctor.


At Marketing Doctor, we know social media is all about engagement, so allow us to start the conversation for your business. Connect with us to take the first step towards an improved marketing strategy, today!

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