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Marketing Doctor excels in providing superior web development results for all industries with our full-suite of marketing and web development services. Whether you’re seeking marketing strategy and consulting, or full-on web & mobile development Marketing Doctor can provide you with the best advertising services available. We pride ourselves on our ability to stay at the forefront of our industry through being experts at marketing YOUR industry.

Our Web Development Will Make Your Website the New Face of Your Business

Prospective clients and customers now more than ever, use the Internet when in search of a business or organization. Having a presentable, user-friendly, and interactive website is crucial, particularly in this age of rapid technological expansion. More and more people are taking advantage of the Internet to learn about new businesses. According to a study produced by MarketingCharts over 50% of buying decisions now start with a website search.

Therefore, the layout and keywords of any website are important. Visual hierarchies and proper usage of whitespace are essential to having a well-designed website. A user must be able to navigate through websites without confusion and be able to easily read a website’s content. The new first impression is not when you meet a potential client, but when that potential client visits the company website.

Creating websites that speak for themselves.

We’re The Only Web Developer You’ll Ever Need!

Web development services offered by Marketing Doctor span the full spectrum of coding from plain-text websites to the most fully-interactive and complex websites conceivable. We offer the full capacity of coding to allow for electronic businesses and stores, or creation of social network platforms… and our work doesn’t stop at just the coding-development of the website. A non-comprehensive list of our web development practices includes:

  • Web design
  • Website refreshment
  • Web publishing
  • Website platform updating
  • Content management templates (WordPress etc.)
  • Web programming
  • Database management
  • Content optimization
  • Writing markup
  • Website updates

We’re Web Designers with Flair

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