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Print advertising is not dying. The advertising industry for newspapers alone raked in a little more than $17 billion in 2015. Moreover, 73% of people said if given a choice between digital advertising and more tangible print advertising, they would prefer print advertising. This is in staunch juxtaposition to the widely-held perception that print advertising is dying. In fact, if anything, it is thriving.

Print advertising is still very much in demand.

According to a survey performed by the International Communications Research Organization, an average of 73% of consumers prefer print advertising to digital.

Moreover, print provides proven brand authority. In a world that is more and more digital, people react strongly to real, physical, palpable advertising. It still holds its position as the most impactful form of advertising. We understand the coupling of print and digital advertising in a targeted geographic location, or even stand-alone print advertising as an incredible avenue for advertising. This especially poignant means of advertising is effective, can be negotiated to fit the needs of the client, and most importantly, has a strong historically proven record of getting results.

These Aren’t Your GrandDad’s Classifieds. We’re Talking Data-Backed, Mobile-Infused Print Advertising.

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Janet Casey, President and Founder of Marketing Doctor, has 25+ years of experience in the advertising industry. Hard work pays off, and today, Janet has cultivated the professional network and reputation necessary to negotiate  unparalleled rates for print advertising.

Our team takes a research-based humanistic approach to marketing that delivers for our clients’ print advertising campaigns.

Marketing Doctor’s Creative Director, Devon Elliott, has over 2 decades of print experience; rising up the ranks at a local newspaper through her innovative and consistently successful designs prior to joining the Marketing Doctor team. Print and graphic design work is her passion, and it shines through in the caliber of work she produces.

Visually Stunning, Truly Tangible Print Advertising.

Our Portfolio in Print is One-Of-A-Kind.

  • "Marketing Doctor has handled our advertising for over 9 years. They do a great job of differentiating us from our competitors and increasing our patient base. Their production and execution are excellent, and they are very knowledgeable about the many confusing options available and what works best considering our advertising budget. I recommend them highly and appreciate their professionalism."

    Dr. Burritt Haag, Pioneer Valley Surgical

Print is Still Very Much En Vogue

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