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Call Center Training and Customer Service Training

When it comes to providing best-in-class service for your clients, one size does not fit all. That’s why Marketing Doctor’s team of call center experts work with all levels of your staff to devise a customized program that will take your customer service to the next level – and beyond.

First Impressions Are Everything!

The first interaction between with a potential client is the make-or-break moment. You could be losing business and not even know it!

  • Is a client relationship being built from the very first touchpoint?
  • Are your leads being mined and converted?
  • Are requests and concerns handled appropriately when someone calls, emails, or visits in person?
  • Do your clients feel happy and satisfied or do they end up being disappointed and frustrated?
  • Does your front line know what exceptional client service really involves?

To Win in the Marketplace, You Must First Win in the Workplace.

At Marketing Doctor, we know that what gets measured gets done. Our multi-platform call center training program works from all angles to improve your customer service. Implementing best practices in call center conversions, Marketing Doctor:

  • Mystery shops/audits your call center on a monthly basis
  • Rates your call center performance on a proprietary scorecard
  • Delivers a monthly report tracking success and growth of your call center
  • Develops a customized Call Center Training Program that caters to your individualized business needs
  • Provides ongoing staff training to increase call center conversions
  • Trains your staff to create and close client relationships at every touchpoint

We take pride in successfully providing our clients with the best possible results regardless of industry or size of the business. From medical to political to public safety industries and beyond, we’ve garnered strong results with actionable market intelligence for over 15 years.

Let us put our experience to work for you!

  • "Marketing Doctor phone trained my staff quarterly, resulting in our offices performing within the upper-echelon of call centers in America."

    Dr. Shawn Garber, New York Bariatric Group

We’ll Keep Your Staff Performing

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