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“Direct Mailing” is a specialty marketing practice for Marketing Doctor, referring to the broad action of directly sending marketing collateral to the offices/homes of the target audience. When most think of direct mailings; images of catalogs or postcards immediately pop into mind. However, the world of direct mailing is much more complex than that. Marketing Doctor performs audience research before initiating any direct mailing campaign in order to best understand the types of marketing collateral which will be most effective in mobilizing that targeted audience segment.

Direct Mailing in A Digital World

The need for palpable, personal, direct mail marketing in this digitally driven world has never been more clear. Everyday email boxes are inundated with emails marketing one brand or another, and ads are thrown at us from every direction on TV, Radio, social media, you name it and the advertisements are there. More than ever, hard-copy mail which a consumer receives has a lasting impact. They are able to choose the timing for which they consume that content, it is in their hands, rather than the TV ads which they are forced to watch, or the social media advertisements that pop up on timelines to annoy them.

“Direct Marketing is Evolving Every Day..”
-Dale Carnegie

Direct Mail Is A Marketer’s Secret Weapon With The Stats To Back It Up!

Saturate households in your service area or target demographic by

  • Less competition – Mail received in your mailbox is less than that piling up in your inbox
  • Refine your audience – average response rate for direct mails is 4.4% for both business-to-business and business to consumer
    mailings vs. electronic mail’s response rate of just 0.12%
  • Less waste – Their cost per thousand is relatively low
  • Longer shelf life – Consumers often hangs on to direct mail that they’re interested in and refer to it several times as well as sharing it with others

Creation of themes and overall campaign message

  • Postcards design
  • Brochure design

Implementation of key mailing lists or specific postal routes to ensure target audiences are reached

  • "Marketing Doctor is doing a superb job with our advertising and media placement, and the enrollment statistics at the college bear this out. Our Fall and Intersession campaigns showed an impressive enrollment gain over last year, as a result of Marketing Doctor’s campaigns. Our advertising is being seen more than ever, and the new look that they created for us is professional and effective. I would highly recommend Marketing Doctor."

    American International College

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