6 Essential Typography Design Tips for a Stand-Out Facebook Post

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I hate to say it, but your mother lied to you. First impressions matter A LOT.

You’re not going to show up to a job interview in baggy jeans and a sweatshirt. Chances are, you’re not going to bed in a little black dress, either. There’s a time and a place for certain clothes, and the same holds true for your fonts.

After all, typography design is your first impression; people see the style of words before reading the words themselves.

Here’s a few tips to help you choose font that’s going to be memorable AND make an impact.

1. Make sure your fonts are legible.

Why do we send our messages out into the world? For people to read them, of course! If your typeface is too hard to read, you’ll lose your customer before you’ve even started. They’ll ignore your brand because they can’t understand your meaning.

Try to use clean, simple fonts for your main point; save the “fun” fonts to add a decorative touch! Need a hand choosing a font? Check out these tips!


2. Choose fonts that reflect your message.

It’s easy to get caught up when selecting a font; there’s a variety of options and we may be attracted to certain styles. However, be careful which you choose. Each font has a distinct personality and could make or break your intended message.

You wouldn’t want to use a frilly font to appeal to men, you wouldn’t use an earthy font to promote your tech company.

Your typography design can induce an emotional familiarity – such as friendliness, compassion, security –  so choose fonts that match your company’s tone. Still dubious? Try a sans serif font (a font without those little extra arms at the base and ends such as Arial or Helvetica) because of their uniformity and high readability.

3. Limit the number of different fonts that you use.

In the graphic design world there is an unwritten rule: keep a 3-font limit for each project. Great designers will sometimes break the rules, but they’re able to do so successfully because they know the rules that they are breaking. If you lack the design savvy to know when to know when rule breaking is okay, abide by the law; they’re rules for a reason!


(Unless, of course, you want the help of a team known for breaking rules to YOUR benefit. Marketing Doctor knows what we’re doing when it comes to typography design.)

4. Avoid placing text over a busy background.

All of the tips we’ve listed so far mean nothing if people can’t see your font! Choose your backgrounds carefully.

Text looks best over a subtle, low-contrast texture without extreme darks and lights.

If you want to place type over a photo, try reducing the opacity of the photo, so your readers don’t have to strain their eyes to read your message.

Another popular technique is to place a semi-translucent color over the photo to calm it down.

5. Emphasize WISELY!

typography design tips

Bold, italics, underlines, size, and color changes all help draw the readers’ eyes where you want them.

Most people are lazy readers; they skim more than they read. Regardless, you’ll receive better results when you can get them to linger on your words. It helps to make your point stand out in your actual writing AND in how your text looks.

However, be warned: emphasizing too many details will detract from them as a whole – if you emphasize everything, then NOTHING is emphasized!

6. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to call an expert.

When it comes to something as crucial as design, effective results often come from someone who knows how to make an impact. At Marketing Doctor, we don’t’ follow the trends – we set them!

So give us a call to work with a marketing agency that will make you look and sound as spectacular as you are! https://www.mymarketingdoctor.com/

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